Thursday, March 24, 2011

soooo.... new addition to the family = new blog. why? i don't really know, it just does :)

so come visit us at:

this blog will still be here, but the dmburr blog will be the one that i update with pictures and such for our little family! (and yes, i promise i will update more often then every 6 months.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

a bit of good news...

Devin bought me a new camera today!

He has been telling me to update our blog for about six months now... and I would always complain saying I didn't have any pictures, and the pictures I did have were already on Facebook so everyone already had seen them...

So to remedy this conundrum he just bought me my very own brand new camera! (I don't know where my old one is...)

So, I guess the whole reason for this post is to say, 'Expect more posts!' :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

life has been busy... ish... for dev and i! here's a little recap...

BYU started their season, so that takes up most of our saturdays.

macy has been helping out with daily tasks, like reading.

we enjoyed the lion king at the capital theater!

macy has been being cute...

and learning how to beg for food.

so you see, i've had zero time to blog!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010


( My 'I' button isn't working very well, so if I miss a few 'i's every now and then please bear with me :) )

I stole this from a friends blog ;)

I am - really really tired, all the time.

I think -
my dog is adorable!

I want -
a new tv

I have - a wonderful husband, cute apartment and an amazing family!

I wish - it was February. {though I don't want it to be cold}

I hate - feet, hot dogs and Twilight...

I miss - Maine 2008 :)

I fear - that I won't quite catch on to the whole 'mom' thing!

I feel -

I hear - Death Cab for Cutie. Love them.

I smell - Potato Wedges... Devs dinner

I search - for bobby pins all the time.

I wonder -Where we will be in a year - oh please tell me it will be somewhere warm!

I regret - not going to the gym all the times I have said I was going to!

I love - purple toe nails

I always - forget to put my blow dryer and curling iron away.

I am not - a morning person

I dance - When I am happy.

I sing - In the car. All the time.

I don't always -
wash my face at night...

I write - not as often as I used to. That makes me sad :(

I lose - My keys

I never -
answer my phone when I don't know who is calling.

I listen - to music. Love love music.

I can usually be found - sitting at my desk!

I'm scared - of spiders.

I read - Anything and everything. Except for Twilight.

I'm happy about - the future!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guess what?!

We're pregnant!

And by we, I mean I'm pregnant, but for some reason it sounds better when I say we.

Also, apparently we are suckers for punishment because we also got a dog!

Say hello to the new member of our family:

Macy Burr!

Friday, July 9, 2010

thoughts on eclipse...

my thoughts on eclipse:

1. why doesn't edward ever smile? he always looks like he's in pain. always.
2. for that matter, why doesn't bella ever smile?
- usually when you are in love, you smile. you also don't go off and kiss other guys... and maybe if you want to kiss another guy you shouldn't be getting married...
i digress.
3. poor bree tanner. i wish she had lived.
4. jasper didn't look constipated this whole movie like he did in the first one.
5. i actually laughed when bella and her dad had the sex talk. that was funny.
6. with bellas explanation at the end as to why she was born to be a vampire - how she's always felt out of place etc. - i am going to expect an onslaught of teenage girls to become super devastated that they can't be turned into vampires just because they 'don't fit in'.
7. edward is so freaking controlling. (more so in the book.) i woulda slapped that kid right up side the head if i had been bella. it's kinda annoying how she lets him do that too.
8. rosalie was really pretty in this one... prettier than i thought she was in the first one. good job hair and make up crew (because we all know she had the make up caked on there...)
9. i wish they had found someone else - anyone else really - to have been edward.

to be summed up: better than the first two but still...
devin laughed out loud at the corniness of it a few times and in turn it made me laugh. i'm quite sure that we made a few people upset because it was a sold out theater.

also, i don't think i will be seeing the last two. the whole baby eating its way out of bellas stomach was a little too much for me. (sorry if i just spoiled anything for anyone...)